Hall of Fame


The purpose of the Reiver Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor student-athletes, teams, coaches, administrators and contributors for their outstanding performance, work, support, and/or significant contributions to the Iowa Western Community College athletic program.

General Criteria

The Hall of Fame shall be open to individuals who have made outstanding contributions in one of the following areas:

  • a superior competitor
  • a team with a significant accomplishment
  • a coach with a distinguished record
  • an administrator who has made an exemplary contribution through strong leadership
  • an individual who has brought distinction to the athletic program in other ways


  1. Student-athlete Success ? The individual must have participated in a sponsored sport and demonstrated a high degree of success during any given season at Iowa Western Community College for at least one year. The individual must have been in good academic standing during his/her enrollment at the college. The individual is considered eligible after having been away from the college for at least five years.
  2. Team Success ? A team must have demonstrated a high degree of success during any given season or period of time and must have completed their competition at least five years prior to date of award.
  3. Coach Success ? A coach must have held that position for at least five academic years, and must have compiled a significant winning record while supporting the educational programs of the college and providing strong leadership for the student-athletes and the athletic department.
  4. Administrators/Contributors ? The individual or organization must have made a significant contribution and/or rendered extraordinary service to Iowa Western Community College athletics.


  • Nominations will be solicited from present and retired Iowa Western coaches, administrators, faculty, staff and the current Hall of Fame committee.
  • Nominees from the previous induction will be automatically considered by the committee.
  • A deadline for submitting nominations will be established by selection committee.
  • Nominations shall be submitted to the Director of Athletics.


  • The selection committee shall consist of representatives of the athletic department staff and college staff. At-large representatives may be appointed to the selection committee by the Director of Athletics. The athletic director or his/her designee will serve as chairperson of the committee. Appointments are for one-year terms and may be renewed annually.


  • Newly selected Reiver Athletic Hall of Fame members shall officially notified by the Director of Athletics and formally inducted at the annual Reiver Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

2015 Inductees

Ron and Suzanne Mahoney
  • In recognition of many years of support to Iowa Western Community College and Reiver Athletics.
Chuck and Julie Smith
  • In recognition of many years of support to Iowa Western Community College and Reiver Athletics.
Juliana Paz
  • In recognition of outstanding athletic achievement.
2006-07 Reiver Volleyball Team
  • In recognition of outstanding athletic achievement.

Members of the Reiver Hall of Fame

1988 - David Hogan, Baseball

1988 - Dean Prather, Athletic Director/Professor

1989 - 1974-75 Baseball Team

1989 - Robert Warn, Head Baseball Coach/Professor

1990 - Robert "Doc" Ross, Professor/Conrtibutor

2010 - Jeff Brisson, 1974-75 Baseball Team

2010 - Jim Tjader, 1976-77 and 1977-78 Baseball Team

2010 - Mike Wulbecker, Professor/Head Baseball Coach/Athletic Director

2010 - 2005-06 Softball Team

2011 - 2001-02 Women's Basketball Team

2011 - Jim Ficek, Contributor/Professor/Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

2011 - Kseniya Shneyder, 2000-01 and 2001-02 Women's Basketball

2011 - Scott Pose, 1984-85 Baseball

2012 - Jim & Gertrude Woodworth, Volunteers/Contributors

2012 - Kathy Kent, 1992-93 and 1993-94 Volleyball & Softball

2012 - 1976-77 Baseball Team

2012 - 1977-78 Baseball Team

2013 - John Jerkovich, Contributor/Volunteer/Booster/Football Founder

2013 - Julie Williams, 1998-99 and 1999-00 Volleyball

2013 - 1988-89 Baseball Team

2013 - 1990-91 Baseball Team

2014 - Brenda Hampton, Athletic Director and Head Volleyball Coach

2014 - Mike Dennis

2014 - Kip Peterson

2014 - Katie (Gompert) Freeland

2014 - 2004-05 Men's Basketball Team

2014 - 2005-06 Men's Basketball Team

2015 - Ron and Suzanne Mahoney, Volunteers/Boosters/Contributors/ Football Founders Championship Ring Donors

2015 - Chuck and Julie Smith, Volunteers/Boosters/Contributors

2015 - Juliana Paz, 2005-06 and 2006-07 Volleyball

2015 - 2006-07 Volleyball Team